Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Stone Thrown

They said it wouldn't last, but twenty five years later is has become the voice of the youth and rebels with a cause. While the Bill O'Reilly's of the world may think it's 'trash', hip-hop is undeniably a treasure. Kanye West is definitely one of those rare gems found in that treasure chest. With concrete content, he has managed to make good hip-hop music cross-over into mainstream pop music; which is typically a dichotomy. Kanye's ability to speak from his heart in his music or on CNN is a sign of a true artisitic martyr. Such martyrdom can be seen on the cover of the new Rolling Stone magazine, where Kanye is captured in the essence of the 'Passion of the Christ'. The cover is already causing controversy amongst religious types but ultimately it is up for interpretation. This issue drops on January 27th and I interpret it'll probably be a classic best-seller and an issue that every child of hip-hop should have and read.

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