Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And Sometimes, Even Fashion Lets Me Down...

Some things I can forgive people for; I can forgive who ever had the bright idea to give L.C. a show after Laguna Beach . I can forgive a friend for borrowing, then staining a Marc Jacobs dress. I can even forgive Kim Kardashian for making a sex-tape with former beau Ray-J (because if I don't, who will?), but I cannot, will not, and refuse to forgive Vibe for giving Beyoncé the V-style award.

You look at this her and think "are they kidding?!" I mean, its often as if this woman goes out of her way to make herself look ridiculous. Can anybody tell me the last time that she's left her house with an outfit that had a cohesive theme from head to toe? No? I didn't think so. She is probably the only woman who can spend $100,000 on an ensemble (the Balenciaga robot leggings and matching top), and still look trashy. Also, her weave? And those allged "curves" (which by her own admission are a result of a diet heavily reliant upon Popeye's, and hips which even she has admitted are "wide") could be better concealed 99.9% of the time.

My interest in Beyoncé was for me, much like a childhood crush-- no, a drunken hook-up; short lived, entertaining for the time, but no chance of anything real developing in the future. However, Rihanna is quite the little fashionista. She's gorgeous, and truly curvy-- not fat, thick or plump! And she's the girl who launched a thousand haircuts. Okay, okay, so her's is a weave too, but a good one. And her style transformation has made her into the "it" girl du jour. She makes me feel good about being tall and curvy. Granted, I'm 5'11", and she's 5'9", but you know what I mean. Basically, if I was a guy, I' d be totally into her. No wonder Beyoncé hates her. Recount, please?

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