Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Genevieve Jones: "The Little Social Climber that Could"

Michelle Obama: The "Black, Jackie O."? Methinks not. However, the fly-est woman on the planet is black. Her name? Why Genevieve Jones, of bien sûr! She's magnificent; from her petite, wispy frame, to her flawless brown skin, and (perpetually well coiffed) shoulder-length mane, she possesses that je ne sais quoi that has captured the hearts of all the fashionistas on the New York social scene. No, wait-- I think I mistook her charm for her wardrobe. I mean, yes, she is a rather darling little gadfly, and that's why we love her so, she has a wardrobe that would make Naomi Campbell flush (which, given her gorgeous, chocolate complexion, would be presumably difficult to manage.) Perhaps what tickles me most is seeing her at events and shows with that filthy, little Cory Kennedy (with her perpetually greasy locks, and the smudged eyeliner that screams out "please, take me home and bathe me!"), in all likelihood I delight in that whole "princess and the pauper" dynamic that it creates. And while she neither attended college, nor is she a "trust fund baby," she has used her aforementioned charm to make her the "it" girl du jour. Alright, so I know what I said before about making sure not to get swept up in the hype, but to be quite honest, if she ran for President, I'd back her 100%; any woman this fabulous, who was able to climb the social ladder without fair skin and deep pockets must know something the rest of us don't. Oh, and Victoria Beckham, darling, please take notes; we don't want to see you top the Worst Dressed List two years in a row-- that certainly would not be "posh." -Virginia Jackson-Reed

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Samantha Smikle said...

Jones truly has incredible style and an endless wardrobe...definitely thought she came from wealthy beginnings though!