Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Winter of My Discontent...

Ah, Winter. While it is a wondrous time of year, that wonder only seems to come at the end of the year; the time when city streets are crowded, and all is in a tizzy, preparing for the onslaught of holidays. However, by the time February arrives, the general consensus is "just shoot me." I must say that I am positively sick of Winter, and cannot wait for Spring.

As I am always so prepared, I pre-ordered the most fabulous Jill Stuart dress (straight from the runway and ad campaign) this afternoon. I can't wait until it arrives so I can try it on, and make sure it's not too short for me and my ridiculously long legs. But, that's neither here, nor there. It's still far too cold for my delicate, silk frock, and I'm pining for the warm days when I can pay no mind to my 34" inseam and sport shorts that'd make Miss Dukes herself blush.

In the mean time, this frigid weather seems to be coming in full force, sans cesse, and I can not bear it. But one thing that can warm up the coldest of days even better than a Venti hot chocolate at Starbucks is a Moncler jacket. Why invest in one? Because you'll never get invited to benefits at Bergdorf sporting your North Face. Don't quibble over the price; not all of their jackets cost $2,000. And even if they did, we're Americans; we have people living near the poverty line buying $200 sneakers (and they're not even posh ones!) This is so worth the money. Who knows? Maybe some hot, "snow bunny" will invite you to a relaxing weekend up in the Alps (or maybe you just won't stick out like a sore thumb next time you're buying Ksubi jeans at Barneys). -Virginia Jackson-Reed

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