Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't Be A FOOL...Come Party With Us

Come party with us and Scott on the Rocks tomorrow night Tuesday, April 1st @ Retreat, as we launch our new weekly installment, Nouveau Riche. Don't be the only FOOL not to be there.

Also, our boys The Cool Kids will be in town Sunday, April 6th as they take stage for their first headlining performance in New York at SOBs. Also in attendance will be GFCnewyork's own Mickey Factz. It's going to be a real live performance if you know both of these acts. Tickets are available now at ticketmaster or SOBs box office. Once again, don't be the only FOOL not to be there.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rocksmith @ LOTUS

click on the flyer for details

Video: SXSW 2008 Performances

The Cool Kids, Mickey Factz, A-Trak, Kid Sister & Clipse

J Davey

J*Davey - Lazy Daze

K.i.D Cudi






SXSW 2008 (Con't)

Pics courtesy of Saint

SXSW 2008

SXSW 2008 was crazy. You had to be there to believe it. Mickey Factz & GFCnewyork was out there in Austin, TX unofficially, officially crashing parties. What the hell you expect, we're from New York. The New Generation, The Leaders of the New School, whatever you want to call it was out there in full effect. Game Rebellion, The Cool Kids, Santogold, K.i.D. Cudi, Kidz In The Hall, Curtis Santiago, Wale, Mano, Mic Terror and Hollywood Holt, and more. I sense a coup d'etat will be taking place in the near future, so fair warning to the industry. As Wu-Tang once said, "Protect Ya Neck." Anyhow here are some pics from the trip courtesy of Mapi.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Issue: Laced Magazine

Leak #11: I Ain't Like The Rest Of Em ft. Theophilus London

"Back like I never left, it's week 11.  We doubling up this time.  On the second go round for collab month, I got my man Theophilus London, courtesy of Normrex to silence critics once and for all.

Clyde & Harry produced this banger and of course there's slick shit in there.  Just fuck with it.  So check it out and next week we'll be back like the gov of cali, lightly."

Eliot Spitzer Resigns

I thought New York's love affair with hookers and prostitutes was long gone after 42nd street was converted into DisneyLand.  Apparently my assumption was wrong; $80,000 wrong. Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned yesterday, after federal wiretap into a high-end prostitution outfit shed light on the zealous vice of his.

You'd think that after the Clinton scandal a few years ago and it being an election year, that some sort of "Political Correct-ness" would be a devote initiative.  Once again the Clinton's are affected by this, since Spitzer's superdelegate support of Hilary will now be relinquished.

To step into the role will be, David Paterson, 53, will be the first African-American governor in NY history, and first legally blind offical in the Nation's history.

For more info on the story visit, NY Times

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chanel Iman On The Barney's Homepage

If you know anything about me, than you already know that I am absolutely in-love with Chanel Iman. Now, most people who know me contend that we share a vague resemblance, and that my love for her is out of narcissism. However, I'd like to argue that just because we're both light-skinned, tall, and because I have (arguably) almond-shaped eyes, does in no way mean we look even remotely alike (and even if that were the case, would I really admit that I'm a possible narcissist?)

Well, anyways, she's my favorite, and that's that. We haven't had a black supermodel since the '90s (save Liya Kebede), and I was elated to find her on the cover of Vogue last year (the new supermodel spread, revisiting the '90s piece, which was revisited once before in 2004). And although I sometimes wonder if she's too skinny (wait-- I think that's an oxymoron), I think she's most most fabulous thing to strut down the catwalk since Marc Jacobs' 1992, "grunge" collection for Perry Ellis. At just barely eighteen, she's been down more runways than Joan Rivers has had work done. I could talk for days about how much I love her, but the fact that she's far more adorable than any girl you know says enough.-Virginia Jackson-Reed

The Winter of My Discontent...

Ah, Winter. While it is a wondrous time of year, that wonder only seems to come at the end of the year; the time when city streets are crowded, and all is in a tizzy, preparing for the onslaught of holidays. However, by the time February arrives, the general consensus is "just shoot me." I must say that I am positively sick of Winter, and cannot wait for Spring.

As I am always so prepared, I pre-ordered the most fabulous Jill Stuart dress (straight from the runway and ad campaign) this afternoon. I can't wait until it arrives so I can try it on, and make sure it's not too short for me and my ridiculously long legs. But, that's neither here, nor there. It's still far too cold for my delicate, silk frock, and I'm pining for the warm days when I can pay no mind to my 34" inseam and sport shorts that'd make Miss Dukes herself blush.

In the mean time, this frigid weather seems to be coming in full force, sans cesse, and I can not bear it. But one thing that can warm up the coldest of days even better than a Venti hot chocolate at Starbucks is a Moncler jacket. Why invest in one? Because you'll never get invited to benefits at Bergdorf sporting your North Face. Don't quibble over the price; not all of their jackets cost $2,000. And even if they did, we're Americans; we have people living near the poverty line buying $200 sneakers (and they're not even posh ones!) This is so worth the money. Who knows? Maybe some hot, "snow bunny" will invite you to a relaxing weekend up in the Alps (or maybe you just won't stick out like a sore thumb next time you're buying Ksubi jeans at Barneys). -Virginia Jackson-Reed

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Video: Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

I came across Sam Sparro after reading about him in the Radar section of the latest YRB Magazine. So then I decided to check out his song Black & Gold. This song is a hit in my book, it just has that "Access Granted" feeling. Then come to find out he has 2 videos for the song (one before the deal and the other after the deal, I'm assuming). Anyhow, I prefer the "After" video more than the "Before" video. The "Before" video is too "metro" for my liking, if you know what I mean. The "After" video is my favorite video of the year thus far.



SPIN Magazine x Mickey Factz

So yesterday we headed out to the Rockaways to do a photoshoot for SPIN Magazine, which Mickey Factz will be featured in. We worked with one of our favorite photographers, Thomas Prior. He had previously shot Mickey for the Fader (Issue #51). Even though it was cold and so windy that I think all the angels in heaven were blowing all at once, the shots that Tom caught we're great and we had good time bugging out. Here are a few behind the scene shots of the shoot.