Sunday, May 28, 2006

New TrainerSpotter Advert

UK brand, TrainerSpotter reached out to Saint of GFC New York to be apart of their new advert which they'll be premiering at the Bread & Butter tradeshow in Barcelona, Spain. TrainerSpotter is a brand we've been supportive of over here at GFC New York, and it was only due that they'd approach Saint, the New York Petal Pusher ambassador, for their collection. Check out the ad below.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Highlights from Lemar & Dauley 2.5 Year Anniversary Event

For all those that missed the event last week, it was a joyous occasion for street culture. Lemar & Dauley celebrated their anniversary with the people in the streets, the people setting the precedence and those capitalizing off it. Everyone attendence will tell you they had a great time. Please excuse the plug, but my personal favorite highlight is when the crowd erupted once Mickey Factz' "Extravaganza" came on, true story. Like to thank everyone that was in attendence Garbege Clothing, Dr Jay's, A.L.I.E.N., La Vie Clothing, Laced Magazine, Ms. Info, Cartel NYC, Coup D'etat , Rocksmith, Mickey Factz, Curtains, Amanda Diva, Syn City, S. Lambo, Machete Magazine, Belchez Clothing, DJ Diamond & DJ Majesty on 1's and 2's and many more. Here are pictures courtesy of Dre Bless.