Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A.L.I.E.N. Launch Event

Wednesday, May 3rd, come out and celebrate as we and the rest of New York get onboard the spaceship and fly (sorry Mr. Kanye West, I had to jack that) to party with our fellow A.L.I.E.N.s.

Click HERE for a larger viewing of the flyer.

Put some Curls in you Hoodie

I came across these custom hoodies last year. I went to a Mos Def performance at B.B. King's and he had this same exact hoodie on. I was stunned how beautiful it looked. A few weeks later, I seen it in the glass display case at Nom De Guerre, and come to find out that's where Mos Def purchased his from. Curls takes hoodies to a peak of elegancy but still street. A piece can range from $1500 to $1800, a real good price for a hoodie that uses real fur and real gold on the zippers and hoodie string (I guess you can't really call it a string...). Check out the pics.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Update: Machete Madness

The locale for their Friday event has been changed from the previous Salon to Soho323. Remember to RSVP. See all you guys there for some boozing and schmoozing.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Federally Approved: Sidekick III

If you're like us at GFC New York, we love our sidekicks. I know the women in my life hate it, because they feel they're always competing against it for attention. I apologize for being pre-occupied with it while at dinner in a restaurant or in the middle of a conversation, but that's just my A.D.D. acting up. I don't think that will be going away anytime soon though, since the Federal Communications Commission, (FCC), has approved the new and improved Sidekick III. The device will feature Bluetooth technology, miniSD for expandable memory, and 1.3 megapixel camera. Software updates are still being kept underwraps and release date hasn't been set. The wait will be coming to an end soon though, now that pictures are out and it's been approved by the FCC. So men get those pillows ready for the couch...haha

Monday, April 17, 2006

Machete Madness

Come celebrate the launch of madness & mayhem, with Machete and friends. Machete is the newest outlet for online media coverage on what's on the cutting edge of style and culture. Come out Thursday, April 27th as they celebrate @ Opus 22. Then while you're still experiencing the effects of your lingering hangover, come out to the Salon Bar on Friday, April 28th. Get ready to be thrashed by a Machete.

Garbege Easter Eggs

Garbege is bringing out the scavengers of New York City. To celebrate the launch of their Spring line, "The Roaring 20s" collection, they've replaced easter eggs with mini garbege cans. They've stashed these cans throughout the entire city. If you're lucky to find one, bring it to the Spring line release party this Wednesday, April 19th and receive a very special and very free gift!

*Hint: The cans are stashed inside the dopest shops in NYC.

P.S. Stop being an Oscar the Grouch, I'm sorry I can't tell you where the event is at. The joy will be in finding out for yourself. Keep on scavengering you scallywags...haha.

Have fun. One man's garbege, is another man's treasure.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mickey Factz - Spray Paint

With all the love and media attention that street culture has been attaining, GFC New York wanted to show our love to one of the 4 elements of Hip-Hop. Mickey Factz is our very own premium GFC artist and we'll be documenting his journey towards stardom on GFC New York. Here is one of his latest freestyles over the 'Kick, Push' instrumental. Dedicated to all the bombers, graffiti writers, taggers, b-boys & b-girls, and the founding fathers of this whole culture we present to you Spray Paint.

Laced Magazine is Available at...

1st week has past since they launched the magazine, and from the looks of it they're flying off of boutique shop shelves. Go pick up your premier copy now while available at:

Premium Goods - Brooklyn

Brooklyn Circus - Brooklyn

Manny's Sneaker Spot - Brooklyn

Union - SoHo NYC

Classic Kicks - NoHo NYC

The Reed Space - Lower East Side NYC

AS - Lower East Side NYC

Training Camp - All locales in NYC

Atmos - Harlem NYC

Goliath RF - Harlem NYC

Premium Goods - Houston, TX

Also for all those outside the NYC region, visit to purchase it via PayPal