Tuesday, July 25, 2006

HP says "Yezzir"

After the success of the Shaun White and Jay-Z commercials that are apart of "The Computer Is Personal Again" campaign, Hewlett-Packard has given Pharrell Williams the greenlight. The HNIC, Head N*E*R*D In Charge, addition to the campaign continues his chain of high-profile endorsement offerings. He's recently also been tapped to appear in Louis Vuitton's new fall 2006 and winter 2007 ad campaigns. Same as all the previous commercials that are apart of this campaign, Pharrell explains how he makes use of his personal computer. Check out the video HERE. Also check for Pharrell's debut solo album, In My Mind, which is out in stores today.

Mr. Me Too

This Thursday, July 27th @ Club Avalon IVL Parties, Laced Magazine, Hot 97, Star Trak and more brings you the event of the summer, The Clipse performing live. Everybody should make it out for this event, especially since it's only $20 to witness the Madness. We've even worked it out that those 18 of age and older may attend (Please say you love us). I predict this to be even crazier than SneakerPimps was last year, so get there early.

P.S. All Mr. Me Toos will be checked at the door, so leave your swagger jacking ways at home. Come fresh, come confident, and most importantly COME AS YOU.

Monday, July 24, 2006


The Project tradeshow was out here last week in New York, and we got the chance to see what's brewing in the labs of most of our favorite brands. Now we are readying ourselves for Las Vegas, and while everyone is going to be out there looking for the those brands that'll excel in their market, there is one place that you can rest assure that you will find those brands. FoshoFoshow is a collective of four of the hottest street & sportswear brands out now--Lemar & Dauley, Rocksmith, Swagger/Phenomenon and Complete Technique.

Be sure to visit their website because you will want to remember to stop by their showroom once in Vegas. To not, would be just a Sin.