Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mickey Factz 'Extravaganza' Video Shoot

This weekend was a hot and grueling one, but damn we had a great time. Our goal was to give the public a glimpse into this GFC New York lifestyle. With our artist, Mickey Factz being the voice of this lifestyle, we decided to put into motion the video production of his spring/summer anthem 'Extravaganza'. It was a long 3-day shoot that took place throughout NYC. Even though there were a few challenges in making this event happen as planned, it still went off to be a great success. As Mickey would say, "There aren't any brick walls in the clouds." We'd like to take the time out and thank all of our family and friends who came through and supported us in making this happen. DesignAttic, Inc, Laced Magazine, Lemar & Dauley, The Brooklyn Circus, LaVie Clothing, Mad Ciphas, Dream Cloth, The Maddesigner, A Game Entertainment, Belchez, Street Cosignor, Yoly aka The Talk of New York, Mello Yellow, Smoke Dza, Hasan Insane, K-Hustle, K-Holla and more. Yeah, we have a big family. Video will be posted in the near future, so keep checking in. Here are some pics from the shoot.

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