Thursday, August 17, 2006

Let's Have A Roast

Blogging now a days is as original as starting your own t-shirt line. Yea, it's a great way for folks to stay up to date with the "goings-on," but it seems that every blog is covering the same news, brands, and people. Then comes along a new blog site by the name of Don't Believe The Hypebeast that covers the same news and issues as many hundreds of blogs, but from a new and different perspective...They're roasting the current state street-wear and culture.

Don’t Believe the Hypebeast is a satirical look at the current state
of “streetwear.”

This is the commentary/observations of a few fashion forward people
who were once impressed with an innovative and dynamic niche market
full of talented designers/brands who’ve since thrown creativity to
the wind and produced a lackluster assortment of product that borrows
(i.e. steals) from more established cultural entities.

After seeing the vast array of boring and predominantly overpriced
“streetwear” that has flooded the market in the last year, we decided
to give our thoughts regarding the recycled product and circle-jerk
mentality that continues to perpetuate it.

If you/your brand get offended by anything you read here, then your
all over print hoodie and quickstrike Dunks are probably too tight.

Oh boy, I wish I had of thought about this myself; this blog is genius. It's well-executed and hilarious. This is Don't Believe The Hypebeast is definitely bookmark worthy blog.

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