Saturday, April 28, 2007

LiveMechanics NYC Tastemakers Ad

GFCnewyork has been working with LiveMechanics on a few things to increase the brands visibility out here in the NYC market. We decided we'd reach out to a few of our friends and colleagues that are paving their way in the streets of this here, "New" New York to showcase how to wear the clothes and not vice versa. Swag is always the last and most important element that brings a whole ensemble together, and it looks like NYC's swag is still ever so present.

Good looks to SC @ GotMusic, Antoine @ New Era, Johnny Killface @ Complex Magazine, Mr. Belchez, Scottie Brix of Scott on the Rocks, Mickey Factz, S dot Lambo, Tiffany @ Recon, Curtains & Torch of High Society Life, LV the Stylist, Sais, and all the other folks that came out to make this shoot a success.

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Georgette said...

fre-fre-fre-freeeeeesshhhhhh! lol...good looks Saint!!