Sunday, December 02, 2007

No One's Done It Right @ Katra

For all those that didn't make it out to Katra this past Tuesday night, you missed a good New York musical show for a good cause. No One's Done It Right set the stage for three new artists to showcase their pure talent. The place was packed, the music was pumping and the stars of the night were shining. Our own, Jade, won the hearts of those in attendance as she performed such gems as "Set Me Free," "Drown Me Out" and others. Please believe, the voice is golden.
Then came Theolonious Kapps and Livewire. Their performance was full of energy as they performed their songs accompanied by a live band. With the live band killing, the lead vocalist raising spirits, and Kapps crying on the floor, the stand out track of the night was definitely Heroes. That hook is so infectious.
Here are some links to pics of the nights festivities:

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