Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eliot Spitzer Resigns

I thought New York's love affair with hookers and prostitutes was long gone after 42nd street was converted into DisneyLand.  Apparently my assumption was wrong; $80,000 wrong. Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned yesterday, after federal wiretap into a high-end prostitution outfit shed light on the zealous vice of his.

You'd think that after the Clinton scandal a few years ago and it being an election year, that some sort of "Political Correct-ness" would be a devote initiative.  Once again the Clinton's are affected by this, since Spitzer's superdelegate support of Hilary will now be relinquished.

To step into the role will be, David Paterson, 53, will be the first African-American governor in NY history, and first legally blind offical in the Nation's history.

For more info on the story visit, NY Times

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