Tuesday, February 07, 2006

adicolor 2006: Self Expression and Customization

OMG, adidas Originals has done it major this time around. This coming spring adidas Originals will begin retailing their adicolor 2006 line of footwear and apparel. They bring back the adicolor concept that was birth the same year I was, 1983. This line of footwear celebrated self-expression, customization, and unlimited personal involvement. It has set the precedent for what we have today with the boom of IDing sneakers, air brushing, and so forth. This second go around with adicolor, adidas has divided it into 2 major parts, the White Series and the new Colour Series. The Colour Series will feature a number of collaborations as adidas Originals has teamed up with a diverse group of partners, all icons from the world of fashion and art. Get ready this coming March 4th, for one of-if not-the greatest collaborations in sneaker design & marketing.

Here are the GFC New York favorites from each series:

adicolor White Series
adicolor Red Series
adicolor Blue Series
adicolor Green Series
adicolor Yellow Series
adicolor Pink Series
adicolor Black Series

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