Thursday, February 02, 2006

Soled Out

"Soled Out" is a documentary that GFC New York had the opportunity to take part in. Close friend and colleague Ronin and company wanted to put a sneaker documentary together that not only showcased the glam of the sneaker culture, but also the injustices and consequences that come about it. I must say this piece is "Real Talk" especially since it's not being done from the perspective of a social activist but from those that live the culture. To click HERE to watch the short documentary. Leave feedback since this a film done for the people by the people.

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the name of the game is... said...

that was really good. im glad i watched it. i always thought that the sneaker culture had something to do with the hip hop culture only because now it seems like everything is so 80's inspired. by that im not referring to sneakers inclusively. im a little confused though. i think it was steve who said he would still buy Nike although the labor conditions in sweatshops across the Atlantic are very unsafe. doesn't this go against one of the aspects of the hip hop culture? artists of the 80's and early 90's were about shedding light on subjects that were swept under the rug (such as apartheid) and making a change. yes they were about being fly and different and tryin to break the mold of everything from the music industry to the fashion industry, but they were also about making a change in the world and for the people. doesn't this mean that as sneaker freaks today, we're neglecting to address and make others knowledgeable of the problems around the world as well as here at home? is it because we're not music artists or poets that we don't have a direct obligation to raise awareness about problems in any culture? or mayb our generation is the one thas not supposed to care as much if we cant see how it directly affects us. i dont kno... i guess im reading too deep into stuff once again. anyways... it was a great documentary. keep it up