Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Swear I'm Fresh

Where is Tipper Gore and C. Delores Tuckett at when you need them. I'm waiting for people to start having protests shredding and stomping on this hoodie. They may even need to place a explicit sticker on them. Cops may find a way to give you a ticket for wearing it. But if you're like us, we like to excercise our 1st amendment rights even while sitting in central bookings. Like Jay-Z once said "Put your smarts on the side of your garments..." Here Number (N)ine swears to do just that, pun intended.

1 comment:

The Socialyte said...

See, I don't understand that whole hoodie prejudice. I could see if someone was dressed in all black like "The Omen" and leather gloves, but most of the hoodies out now are fire!