Monday, March 20, 2006

Petal Pushers '06

Oh yeah, it's about that time. Spring '06 is coming, so we figured we'd do something to kick it off right. We're bout to Blossom so we have to get our Joey "WHOOOOOAAA!!!" on. This is a calling out to all you fly ladies and gents who have flowers in their closet.

If your wardrobe composes of any floral designs and/or attributes. Meaning hoodies, jeans, skirts, dresses, shoes, hats...ANYTHING. Please forward to us your picture wearing this item (please make sure it's a clear pic and not a pic taken by your camera phone) to

Also in the body of the email place your name, email address, age, and city/state. We'll be in touch with you if we like what we see.

Continue to visit for further developments in Petal Pushers '06.

"Instead of bringing flowers, We the Roses" - Kanye West

GFC New York

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