Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Laced Magazine - Issue 3: Fire & Ice

They're Baaaaaaaackkk!!! Everybody has been wondering "What's going on with Laced Magazine?" And they've been simply replying, "Patience is a Virtue." And virtuous they are, with the 3rd issue of Laced Magazine. They hit us with a one-two punch, a fire & ice double cover issue. Next they hit us with an uppercut, upping the number of pages to 120. Then for the knockout they unload on us with features from The Clipse, Ice Cream Skate Team, Pharrell Williams, The Pack, Bodega, Creative Recreation, and pages upon pages of products galore...Sheesh!!!

Did I ever mention to you that it's an independent minority owned publication, in a growing competitive market. These guys are going against publications like Complex, Mass Appeal, and more. Show your support and pick up the issue.

New issue will be stocked at your favorite retailer come March 28th. Cop one or the other, or you can be gungho about it and cop both.

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