Thursday, July 19, 2007

C'est LaVie

I feel so good...Oh yeah, this is the life. And if you aren't living it, you sure wish you were. The summer has been good to us thus far, a lot will be coming soon to you, our fellow GFCnewyork patrons. 1st up is our good friends and colleagues at LaVie Clothing. If you haven't heard the buzz about them by now, then you've already fallen back in the race...Catch Up Dunny. Their 1st tee installment "You Love My Style" created a frenzy to the point where it started getting bootlegged. If that isn't telling you, that you're doing something right as a designer of a clothing line, I don't know what it is. Now they're readying to release their 2nd installment "Too Fly for Earth" online at 11:59pm tonight. Everybody better get in where they fit in, in a hurry because they're bound to move real quick. Especially the Aqua, GFCnewyork colorway.

Have fun ;)

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