Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Billy G.O.A.T

So yeah, I had to post this because a colleague of mine and I, are going back and forth on this issue, LL Cool J vs. Jay-Z. We don't know if it's actually going to go down, but to me personally I'm like just drop the track if it's going to be all that. I'm tired of the set-ups, the online videos, etc. hyping up a track and/or battle and then when you hear it, you're disappointed. To me what Jay said on Forbes Billion Dollar remix of I Get Money, was a clever line and something that needed to be said. I believe he looks at himself as being the Greatest of All Time, and that he's working on his way to becoming a certified billionaire, hence Billy Goat.

“I’m already the Goat, next stop, the billy…” - Jay-Z, I Get Money (Forbes Billion Dollar rmx)

Angie Phones Jay-Z to Discuss LL Cool J
Now, LL Cool Js vice may be that it's a slight jab at him since everybody and their mothers know that LL refers to himself as the Greatest of All Time. His vice may be that Jay is the head of a label that he helped build. His vice may be that he didn't get the label support that any artist would expect when releasing his last album. His vice may be some long history he's had with Jay, that's behind the scene that we'll never know the whole truths about. Or it may be all of the above. Whatever it is, if you're going to diss/battle him, just drop the track. I love you my man, but if this track is wack, I'm going to be extremely tight. And I think hip-hop should be to, especially New York hip-hop. Two legends going at each other because their proud, and then not putting up a legendary battle, will be a step backwards to me personally.

Same thing goes for you Jay. My man I love you. Personally I think you have the right to call yourself the G.O.A.T., because I think that you are. But if you decide to go at my man LL Cool J, please refrain from the subliminals, go straight at him. Please refrain from it being wack for the same reasons, I entailed above. And please refrain from becoming Michael Jordan after the 6th championship, because word is you are already on the road there...smh.


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