Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jena Six

GFCnewyork blog is a cultural forum and any and everything involving our culture will always have an outlet to be addressed and expressed here. I'd like to thank artists who address civil and social issues not only in their music but in the real world. In this instance, I commend Mos Def for being vocal about the injustice facing a group of black students in Jena, Louisiana who are being charged with attempted murder for beating up a white student that was taunting them with racial slurs. These kids are facing sentences of 20 to100 years in prison, for basically wanting the free will to sit under a tree. Some people within the culture are getting riled up due to the lack of media attention on the case, as well as the absence of key voices within the culture who are not addressing or informing the public of the matter.

We over here, are going to play our part in informing the public of the matter. I don't think boycotting hip-hop records is a rationale reaction to that matter. That is a misguided application of your frustrations. I believe this is an issue for all people, not only black. If the Vote or Die campaign from the last election can be as impactful as it was, then we all know the voice of hip-hop can and will be heard.

People please take the time to inform yourself on the issue, Jena Six, and sign the PETITION. A large number of the American population should be affected by this issue and want change, so the petition should reflect that. If you want to further contribute your time, finance or both to the matter feel free to email

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