Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jay-Z Overdose

"Do y'all want more of the Jigga man?
Well if y'all want more of the Jigga man
Then I need y'all to help me, bring him back to stage
Say Hova, c'mon say it!
" -- Jay-Z "Encore"

VH1 Storytellers: Jay-Z: Life of an American Gangster airs on November 9 at 9:00 p.m. Here's 3 songs from his performance on the show.

"American Dreamin"


"I Know"

Here's Jay-Z's video for his new single, Roc Boys. Check out GOMA aka Lil' Jay. Much respects to my dudes over at Team Guerilla Films for getting that great look!!!

Jay-Z, Diddy, & Nas...That's a great look!!! That's some GFCnewyork ish. (peep the Salute Me Dap they do...classic)

Here's some behind the scenes footage of Jay, chillin' before a performance. I like that exclusive ultra-limited BlackWatch Polo shirt you have on...SWEET

Go Cop That Album, Out NOW!!!

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