Monday, February 11, 2008

Just Me and My Bitch

So yesterday night was the Grammy's and everyone came decked out in their finest. But the most provocative attire of the evening was the most casual. Kelis and beau, Nasir Jones came adorned in their "Nigger" treatments:

Best Rap Album nominee Nas ruffled a few feathers at the 50th annual Grammy Awards when he came backstage with wife Kelis to promote his album N*gger, due in April.

The word was emblazoned in silver across his black T-shirt. “This album is for all the so-called n*ggerss in the world (who are) being mistreated,” the rapper said.

Why bother courting the n-word controversy in the first place? “We felt like shaking it up with something real,” he said. “To open up some awareness. Of course, people are going to be getting a little crazy about it. Hip-hop has been catching a lot of flak. We use the word in our music. For the last year, it’s just been really crazy with the word. As rappers are getting all the blame, I thought I’d talke about it and express myself.”

Kelis, also sporting the word on her top, said, “The word is not important. Whether we say it or not, we still get treated like one.

Your thoughts.”

courtesy of FadedYouth

Bonus: Check out this Cunninlynguists "Dirty Acres" trailer.

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