Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Leak - Week 8: Up High

So about a month and a half ago Mickey Factz started a weekly series titled The Leak on his myspace page. Every Tuesday night he uploads a new song to his page's playlist that would be available for free download to his avid listeners, supporters, haters, and so forth for ONE WEEK ONLY. After that week is up a new track goes up, leaving you to be left scouring the web for that exclusive that you may never be able to attain again. Anyhow recently I've been reprimanded for my slacking on not notifying our following on the GFCnewyork blog of this here Leak. And for that I greatly apologize. So to kick things off for this week is the song "Up High." Download and enjoy. Don't forget feedback is always greatly appreciated, so leave him a comment.

I'll be sure to upload the previous tracks here soon, for those of you that missed out on them due to my negligence. So stay tuned.

1 comment:

a-one said...

Yeah man, make sure you make that happen. I didn't even know about this chit till #5!