Friday, April 25, 2008

Video: Speak On Hip-Hop, New York Hip-Hop

It sounds like somebody has been reading Mickey's bio and running with certain statements in regards to NY Hip-Hop, i.e. "Why bring it back, when I can move it forward," but I digress. What I really do appreciate though is that this dialogue is being conducted and expressed, whether it be from an artist like Mickey Factz or Maino as well as from OGs such as Ed Lover and Uncle Ralph McDaniels. To see folks aligning themselves to support the people and culture of where they are from is what leads to an areas growth. We as a hip-hop community on all levels have a social responsibility to support the growth of our children, our artists, and those vehicles that are in place to move the culture forward, whether you be from NY, LA, ATL, the CHI or what have you. But always remember don't shit where you sleep. So stop shitting on YOUR children and YOUR artists, support them and you'll be rewarded. Respect.

Check out the videos below.

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