Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Artful Dodger Spring 06 Debut

Summer of '04, I went out to Vegas with a few friends and colleagues for Magic. While out there, I met Scott Langton. Now this guy has been in the fashion industry for some time and was soon to be releasing his own line Rogue/Scott Langton. This guys attention to detail is so phenomenal that I had to commend him on it. The embroidery work on his pieces, his choice of linings & patterns are what makes them vibrant and timeless.

It is now Winter 05 and as we come close to this years completion, we look forward to a new year of great expectations and goals to attack and meet. With that said Scott Langton is back with fury once again with his new line for Spring 06, Artful Dodger. The pieces are pure GFC CRIZZACKK. Take a look and visit Artful Dodger for more pics of the line.

Note to GFC: Give Scott a call later, I need that hoodie asap...

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