Thursday, December 22, 2005

French Denim the American Way

Denim is as American as french fries. So next time you're in line at McDonald's waiting to order a Big Mac and medium french fries. Why not give the lady standing behind you the pleasure of looking at your French derriere.

Established in 2002 the small independent French denim label, Atelier LaDurance has been producing quality pants and jackets in small limited run and authentic to tradition. Products are developed in a small studio at The Provence, France in the small plains of Les Alpilles. Garments are styled in the authentic late 40's style, meaning all products are unwashed denim as was accustomed to all utility wear garments of the time.

The Atelier LaDurance washing recipe:

1. let your garment get dirty for as long as possible

2. First wash: dry clean only

3. and wear again for a long period

4. following washes: add simply 250 grams of salt and one half cup vinegar( per garment) to the washing powder as this will keep tone of the indigo for a long period. While giving deeper shades and higher lights to the natural worn denim product. Only wash once every two month or less.

On each Atelier LaDurance denim product you'll find their famous (Repair Capsule), containing: Two original 2-color brass buttons, a small piece of denim, a small piece of pocket lining plus a thimble. Being exactly everything you need to carry out your own emergency repairs.

Men Classic Dungaree

Female Classic Dungaree

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