Wednesday, October 17, 2007

N*GG* Please...

This has to be the most hilarious and disturbing definition of journalism. Watch below.

Kudos to Nas for continuously addressing issues, whether it is in a tasteful matter or not is for you to decide. But as your grandmother would do to you, sometimes you need to be force fed no matter the taste; this being one of them.

Seems like "folks" are scared of the word N*GG* now. They weren't scared 300, 200, 100, 50, 10, 5 , 1 year ago. This is straight up comedy, look how they're acting. Do they really care about it's affect on society or are they on the bandwagon with the rest???

Whether or not Nas names his album N*GG*, to me, is not the issue here. I believe he's stuck the challenge to American society and corporate America. Let's see whether or not constitutional rights will be upheld or reduced to obsolete ideals. Let's see if media will continue riding the artist/s or start addressing the idea of corporate responsibility. And most importantly, the continuation of racial and cultural dialogue because we can't allow it to be swept under the rug...Oh yea, last but not least, we can't forget promoting an upcoming album of one pop cultures prominent artists ;)

To teach, learn, and make money at the same time...That's what I call Education at its finest.

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BKost said...

Fox lol. Bring up "Shoot em up" to make Nas look like just another stereotypical thug rapper.... They don't know anything about Nas or the album, they're just going off their own previously established stereotypes of rap.

I'm only 8 months late, but thats okay.