Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PSA: Big Things Poppin

“I give a fuck about the FED’s investigation on me/
I don’t care that they at my shows and they waitin’ on me/
I’ma keep on flossin’, poppin’ long as Toomp is on the beat/
Tell police’s I ain’t stoppin’, I’ma keep it in the streets/
Contrary to yo beliefs, I’m as real as you can be/
Fuck yo thoughts and yo feelings, n*gg* you don’t know me”
- T.I. 'U Don’t Know Me'

"Okay my money real big,choppers is still here/
they catch me with it, fuck it I'm doing my lil bid/
and my drop top riding with my glock cock riding/
I'm looking for them niggas',where they at stop hiding, hey!"
- T.I. 'Top Back Remix'

This is when art imitates life or vice versa...He sure wasn't lying, peep the photos.

Listen folks...The Feds buy albums, The Feds read Feds & Don Diva, The Feds have technology, The Feds are backed by Bush...Basically they don't play games, so WATCH YO MOUTH.

T.I. hope you make it out of this one. Hope this is a lesson learned. Only you know how many lessons should be learned from this situation.

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