Friday, January 13, 2006

Destiny May Lurk in the Shadows

A few weeks ago I catch a paste up piece in the streets which I felt was phenomenal (above). I spotted it on 3rd and 6th Ave, right around the corner from "The Cage" basketball court. I Liked it so much I had to take a pic of it. A few weeks have passed by and I'm online doing some extensive browsing, looking for that next diamond in the ruff. I start reading about this line out of Melbourne, Australia called Shadow.

I gather a bit more info about the brand and as I dig deeper I become enlightened when I come across their brand definition. The line is way bigger than the brand itself, it's moreso about the people behind the brand, the artist, the culture.

"Shadow is a collaborative project, between a bunch of artists, illustrators and designers in Melbourne. It was started as a way to promote the local design scene and culture, the whole basis of the name is that the brand sits in the background. We prefer to promote the individual artists in the project over the label itself."

Come to find out that one of the artist/designers for the brand is also the creator of that piece I spotted on 3rd & 6th in NYC. From Austrailia all the way to NYC they've made an impression on me while lurking mysteriously in the shadow. Like Jay-Z once said, "Real recognize real, and you looking familiar."

Check out some of their stuff here, as well other products within the family company of Nice Produce.

"Spread Luv, It's the Brooklyn Way."

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