Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Re-Up on the SB Wear

Allow me to re-introduce the public to SB Wear. Yezzir, they're back at full force with new products in stock for the 06'. After realizing the niche in the ever growing sneaker market, they created a line of t-shirts that gives "Every sneaker fiend the perfect match to the latest drop." Now with every sneakerhead from Rivington to 125th to Fulton and beyond looking out for them, they're consistently hitting the city streets with that heat. New to their online store is the SB Wear Elephant Print logo tee to go with your De La Soul Hi's. This shirt is limited to only 80 tees, so get them while they're here. Also venturing beyond just tees, they present to us the "Rockickz: True To Your City" hoodies. The hoodies are available in 4 colorways to go along with the True To Your School Dunks (Indiana [below], Iowa, Kentucky, & Michigan). In this case, if SB were stand for anything, it would have to be 'Sure Bet'; you just can't go wrong.

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