Wednesday, January 25, 2006


We had our 1st SnapShotz event this past weekend, it was a great success. Castro, the photographic genius was the general of this guerilla shoot. It was a 3 day shoot, with a great showing of people from the NYC scene. We had stylist, designers, tastemakers, models, producers, and more all in attendance getting their pics taken. We are documenting history over here at GFC New York. We're taking it back to the 80's when the people of the streets were the style icons and not clones. Big shout out to all the beautiful people and crews that showed up. For those that didn't make the premier event, check here frequently to be updated on when and where the next one will be. There might even be some suprises awaiting you all next time.

Here are some pics from attendees of the events. Official pics will be posted at a later time.

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Steppin'inStyle said...

The L&D gear is hot. There is a L&D kiwi strawberry Baked Ziti jacket that would go very well with those green and black court force kicks.