Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nike Has Come Full Circle

"Alife Rivington Club will be one of only eight sneaker stores worldwide to receive the Limited Edition “3 Decades of Cushioning” collection. Inspired by the toy industry, the visual focus is on the Air bags and the application of bold color to the mid-soles. Textural focus is on the all-black uppers with the use of special materials including crocodile, ostrich and stingray. The materials have also been perforated for enhanced dimension and breathability. As the final step in the artistic development of this series, the "Art & Science of AIR" graphics have been applied by laser. A wax film covers the application and protects the designs and materials.

The “3 Decades of Cushioning” collection will be available at 9AM Saturday, January 21st.

For 360 minutes, Alife Rivington Club will offer only the Limited Edition Air collection and the Air Max 360.

Every pair of the Limited Edition Air collection will come with a Limited Edition Air Max 360 T-shirt; color-coordinated to the individual Air Max you buy."

Source: ARC

GFC New York Favs:

For more info on the History of Air, click HERE

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