Friday, January 20, 2006

Niketown takes it to the Max

Here's the scoop:
Who: Nike Celebrates 3 Decades of Cushioning
What: The release of Nike's Air Max 360
When: Friday, January 20. 2006 - 8.30 to 10.30 pm
Where: Niketown New York6 East 57th Street
Why: Because we LOVE Air Max

The event will consist of contests, prize drawings, shoe try-ons, limited edition kicks, music, food & refreshments and much more. It will be hosted by Big Tigger from BET.

For the main event, people will be able to purchase Nike's revolutionary Air Max 360 (retail $160 USD). The colorway for men is red and grey and the womens colorway consists of violet and grey. There will also be a Niketown exclusive color which is engine/ white anthrax and flint grey which will only be available in NTC, NTB, NTA, NTNY, NTLA, NTSF, NTM, NTH and NTLV.

The public will also be able to purchase limited kicks from the Power Wall which consists of six rows of different Air Max sneakers (Air Max One, Air Max 90, Air Max 180, Air Max '93, Air Max '95, Air Max '97, Air Max '03 and of course, Air Max 360)There will be 48 different shoes in 6 rows.

The first row will be the 'Originals' which are the original colorways of all the Air Max sneakers. It will have a sockliner with the sneaker's history.
The second row will be all 'white'.
The third row is called 'Warm' which consists of the color pallete of red.
The fourth row is titled 'BRS' which is a salute to the '70s.
The fifth row is titled 'Growth' which consists of the color palette of green.
The sixth and last row is titled 'Back in Black' which features the color black with details like laser printing, embossed graphics (texturized) and patterns.

There will also be another row which will not be sold in NTNY which is called the Tier Row which is exclusive to sneaker boutiques like Nort. These shoes are mens shoes and will be available in small sizes for females. It starts at a size 4 mens which converts to a 5.5 women's shoe.

picture courtesy of FYI-Mag

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