Friday, January 13, 2006

Ronin's New Blog

Let me tell you a funny story. Initially when I created this blog, I wanted to incorporate design and film into the spectrum of topics we cover. This is a FRESH Lifestyle we live and it wouldn't be complete if we didn't showcase the visual appeal of the arts, design, and film.

So thinking about you guys, I approached a real close friend and associate of mine by the name of Sheldon Smith, to be known to you guys as Ronin. When it comes to film and design, he's one of my points of reference because this is his arena of focus and he's real critical to the point where at times it's boderline "haterade". We go at it at times, but generally his opinions I do respect (I don't care what he says about Brokeback Mountain, I'm not watching it!!!).

I approached him expecting to hear a "Sure, why not..." in return what I heard was a very defined "NO." Come to find out, he's been planning on launching his own blog specifically catering to the arena I had in mine. It's all good, we all family here; one hand wash the other, both wash the face. So with that said, go check out Ronin: Media Out-Cast Blog for your dosage of FRESHNESS in design and film. (Thanks Mr. Smith for being a

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