Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Touch The Sky

Check out a trailer to the new Kanye West video for "Touch The Sky." Directed by Chris Milk, featuring Lupe Fiasco and a host of cameos. This video looks like it's going to be another classic in Kanye's catalog. Being carefree and thinking outside the box is such a great thing.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Blahnik Bible

Everyday some of the most exquisite art meets the feet of New York City women. Manolo Blahnik shoes have managed to be a fashion staple for the past two decades; because of his designs, which are simultaneously classic and boldly creative. Photographer Eric Boman captures Blahnik's beauties in all their artisitic glory in his new book Blahnik by Boman: Shoes, Photographs, Conversation. This book will surely be a topic of conversation amongst fashionistas and like its subjects, it is a must have!

Another Stone Thrown

They said it wouldn't last, but twenty five years later is has become the voice of the youth and rebels with a cause. While the Bill O'Reilly's of the world may think it's 'trash', hip-hop is undeniably a treasure. Kanye West is definitely one of those rare gems found in that treasure chest. With concrete content, he has managed to make good hip-hop music cross-over into mainstream pop music; which is typically a dichotomy. Kanye's ability to speak from his heart in his music or on CNN is a sign of a true artisitic martyr. Such martyrdom can be seen on the cover of the new Rolling Stone magazine, where Kanye is captured in the essence of the 'Passion of the Christ'. The cover is already causing controversy amongst religious types but ultimately it is up for interpretation. This issue drops on January 27th and I interpret it'll probably be a classic best-seller and an issue that every child of hip-hop should have and read.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

3's a Charm...

I'm online and I visit a well known blog, to find out that they posted the site to my favorite brand at the moment. I've been looking for this site for months, googling like crazy, but do you know how many searches come up for Leroy Jenkins??? Exactly, A LOT. Kind of disappointed we weren't the first, but I'm still glad to present GFC New York's 3rd 5 Star Co-Sign. If you miss your grandma, their assorted pieces of hoodies and shirts will only make you reminisce on the times you spent with her. They're focused mang...

Cut the Deck

For those who like to play Spades or Trump in style, ARKITIP has still available the playing card set that they released in conjunction with Issue 0027. This collaboration with Stacks & Marc Jacobs is so vibrant in colors that you may need to wear some shades while playing. Check them out here while they last or you'll have to wait to spot them in a school lunchroom near you.


We had our 1st SnapShotz event this past weekend, it was a great success. Castro, the photographic genius was the general of this guerilla shoot. It was a 3 day shoot, with a great showing of people from the NYC scene. We had stylist, designers, tastemakers, models, producers, and more all in attendance getting their pics taken. We are documenting history over here at GFC New York. We're taking it back to the 80's when the people of the streets were the style icons and not clones. Big shout out to all the beautiful people and crews that showed up. For those that didn't make the premier event, check here frequently to be updated on when and where the next one will be. There might even be some suprises awaiting you all next time.

Here are some pics from attendees of the events. Official pics will be posted at a later time.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Niketown takes it to the Max

Here's the scoop:
Who: Nike Celebrates 3 Decades of Cushioning
What: The release of Nike's Air Max 360
When: Friday, January 20. 2006 - 8.30 to 10.30 pm
Where: Niketown New York6 East 57th Street
Why: Because we LOVE Air Max

The event will consist of contests, prize drawings, shoe try-ons, limited edition kicks, music, food & refreshments and much more. It will be hosted by Big Tigger from BET.

For the main event, people will be able to purchase Nike's revolutionary Air Max 360 (retail $160 USD). The colorway for men is red and grey and the womens colorway consists of violet and grey. There will also be a Niketown exclusive color which is engine/ white anthrax and flint grey which will only be available in NTC, NTB, NTA, NTNY, NTLA, NTSF, NTM, NTH and NTLV.

The public will also be able to purchase limited kicks from the Power Wall which consists of six rows of different Air Max sneakers (Air Max One, Air Max 90, Air Max 180, Air Max '93, Air Max '95, Air Max '97, Air Max '03 and of course, Air Max 360)There will be 48 different shoes in 6 rows.

The first row will be the 'Originals' which are the original colorways of all the Air Max sneakers. It will have a sockliner with the sneaker's history.
The second row will be all 'white'.
The third row is called 'Warm' which consists of the color pallete of red.
The fourth row is titled 'BRS' which is a salute to the '70s.
The fifth row is titled 'Growth' which consists of the color palette of green.
The sixth and last row is titled 'Back in Black' which features the color black with details like laser printing, embossed graphics (texturized) and patterns.

There will also be another row which will not be sold in NTNY which is called the Tier Row which is exclusive to sneaker boutiques like Nort. These shoes are mens shoes and will be available in small sizes for females. It starts at a size 4 mens which converts to a 5.5 women's shoe.

picture courtesy of FYI-Mag

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nike Has Come Full Circle

"Alife Rivington Club will be one of only eight sneaker stores worldwide to receive the Limited Edition “3 Decades of Cushioning” collection. Inspired by the toy industry, the visual focus is on the Air bags and the application of bold color to the mid-soles. Textural focus is on the all-black uppers with the use of special materials including crocodile, ostrich and stingray. The materials have also been perforated for enhanced dimension and breathability. As the final step in the artistic development of this series, the "Art & Science of AIR" graphics have been applied by laser. A wax film covers the application and protects the designs and materials.

The “3 Decades of Cushioning” collection will be available at 9AM Saturday, January 21st.

For 360 minutes, Alife Rivington Club will offer only the Limited Edition Air collection and the Air Max 360.

Every pair of the Limited Edition Air collection will come with a Limited Edition Air Max 360 T-shirt; color-coordinated to the individual Air Max you buy."

Source: ARC

GFC New York Favs:

For more info on the History of Air, click HERE

Monday, January 16, 2006

Alife Winter Clearance Sale

Alife will be having one of the biggest sales to start off the year. With 30-70% you are sure to go crazy stacking up on goods. Just make sure you have the greenbacks, since they will only accepting cash. Sale will be taking place @ 161 Bowery Street, 4th Floor. Get there before everything is gone.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

iPod TuneBuckle

Forget your ordinary metal belt buckle and your game controller belt buckle, the ipod TuneBuckle is what's IT for 2006. As part of an in-house initiative, ProductM designed the TuneBuckle™, a belt buckle created to protect and transport your iPod® nano. Made of high-grade Aluminum and leather, the TuneBuckle™ is the fashionable, convenient and secure means to carry your iPod® nano.

Denim giant Levi Strauss said it has designed jeans compatible with the iPod music player, featuring a joystick in the watch pocket to operate the device. The Levi's RedWire DLX Jeans for men and women, which will be available this fall, also have a built-in docking cradle for the iPod and retractable headphones.The TuneBuckle will set you back $49.99.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Destiny May Lurk in the Shadows

A few weeks ago I catch a paste up piece in the streets which I felt was phenomenal (above). I spotted it on 3rd and 6th Ave, right around the corner from "The Cage" basketball court. I Liked it so much I had to take a pic of it. A few weeks have passed by and I'm online doing some extensive browsing, looking for that next diamond in the ruff. I start reading about this line out of Melbourne, Australia called Shadow.

I gather a bit more info about the brand and as I dig deeper I become enlightened when I come across their brand definition. The line is way bigger than the brand itself, it's moreso about the people behind the brand, the artist, the culture.

"Shadow is a collaborative project, between a bunch of artists, illustrators and designers in Melbourne. It was started as a way to promote the local design scene and culture, the whole basis of the name is that the brand sits in the background. We prefer to promote the individual artists in the project over the label itself."

Come to find out that one of the artist/designers for the brand is also the creator of that piece I spotted on 3rd & 6th in NYC. From Austrailia all the way to NYC they've made an impression on me while lurking mysteriously in the shadow. Like Jay-Z once said, "Real recognize real, and you looking familiar."

Check out some of their stuff here, as well other products within the family company of Nice Produce.

"Spread Luv, It's the Brooklyn Way."

Ronin's New Blog

Let me tell you a funny story. Initially when I created this blog, I wanted to incorporate design and film into the spectrum of topics we cover. This is a FRESH Lifestyle we live and it wouldn't be complete if we didn't showcase the visual appeal of the arts, design, and film.

So thinking about you guys, I approached a real close friend and associate of mine by the name of Sheldon Smith, to be known to you guys as Ronin. When it comes to film and design, he's one of my points of reference because this is his arena of focus and he's real critical to the point where at times it's boderline "haterade". We go at it at times, but generally his opinions I do respect (I don't care what he says about Brokeback Mountain, I'm not watching it!!!).

I approached him expecting to hear a "Sure, why not..." in return what I heard was a very defined "NO." Come to find out, he's been planning on launching his own blog specifically catering to the arena I had in mine. It's all good, we all family here; one hand wash the other, both wash the face. So with that said, go check out Ronin: Media Out-Cast Blog for your dosage of FRESHNESS in design and film. (Thanks Mr. Smith for being a jerk...lol)

*****This blog has been GFC New York Co-Signed

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Re-Up on the SB Wear

Allow me to re-introduce the public to SB Wear. Yezzir, they're back at full force with new products in stock for the 06'. After realizing the niche in the ever growing sneaker market, they created a line of t-shirts that gives "Every sneaker fiend the perfect match to the latest drop." Now with every sneakerhead from Rivington to 125th to Fulton and beyond looking out for them, they're consistently hitting the city streets with that heat. New to their online store is the SB Wear Elephant Print logo tee to go with your De La Soul Hi's. This shirt is limited to only 80 tees, so get them while they're here. Also venturing beyond just tees, they present to us the "Rockickz: True To Your City" hoodies. The hoodies are available in 4 colorways to go along with the True To Your School Dunks (Indiana [below], Iowa, Kentucky, & Michigan). In this case, if SB were stand for anything, it would have to be 'Sure Bet'; you just can't go wrong.

Monday, January 09, 2006

A Tattoo That Mom Will Like...

After 15 years of tattooing in Detroit, Michigan, the success of Inkslinger has allowed it to open up several tattoo studios. After conquering that realm they now will be expanding from flesh to cotton. Tattooing 'winged-hearts', 'skull n bones' and more on denim and apparel for men and women. Here's some of the stuff from their catalog.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Midas' Touch Tone

Today I received the weekly FYI newsletter from Garbege Clothing, and in it I see the Motorola RAZR. The phone isn't the traditional silver, nor is it black or pink but GOLD (Sheesh!!!) Motorola has collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana to dress up the new Motorola RAZR V3i. The new gold release is limited to only 1000 worldwide and will be only available at selective boutiques throughout Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the UK. The back of each unit is engraved with the Dolce and Gabbana name and a serial number, to authenticate its limited release. Click here for more info Motorola RAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cheap Thrills

If you ever on Broadway & Bleeker and by the Swatch store, take a trip underground. You'll notice the basement entrance to the side that'll lead you to Nom De Guerre. But If you continue to walk all the way to the end of the hall, you'll notice a small room to your right cluttered with orange boxes and tees (you'll pass the old Nom De Guerre sneaker room before you reach it). The store is called Cheaps and it's a temporary store front till all inventory is sold. Sneakers & tees are available at a supreme discount while product last. Cheaps is opened only on the weekends, so pass thru soon before you miss out on all the goodies.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Fashion Forward Plastic Shoes

Plastic never looked better on a woman. I'm not talking about the kind that Lil' Kim favors, but the kind that one can strut down the street in. Melissa reknowned for her use of plastic in shoe design, has created two collaborative editions to her collection that are "ill as f***." Melissa along with the Campana brothers and stylist/jeweler Judy Blame have created the Melissa + Campana Tennis shoe and Alexandre Herchcovitch's Scarfun boots, respectively. There innovative and very sleek stylish design, definitely demand a "where'd you get those" grill. Well if wondering, here's some spots in NY where you can likely fetch them at:

382 West BroadwayNew York/NY, 10012

35 Howard StreetNew York/NY, 10013

And here's a weblink where you can purchase them at. There's one catch though, you'll have to know how to read portuguese: http://www.lojamelissa.com.br/lojamelissa.php

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

We over at GFC New York would like to wish everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year. We have a lot of things in store for you guys this new year. So stick around to enjoy the festivities, collaborations, news and more. We as New Yorkers, love to talk our shit.